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We begin with making an outline of your current web site, streamline and organize them to make a useable, organized and well defined website.

Review FINAL Structural Docs v02

Creating a click-able wireframe, you can see how your website is organized in your web browser. You can click through the site seeing an outline of page, notes on what the page contains and technical notes on how the page will function.

Review r01 Docs

For visual design, we take the elements that emerge from the structural and wireframe (Information Architecture) processes and establish the “look and feel” of the project. The design will provide an unobtrusive interface that blends images and words into a clear, meaningful message.

Next, we code your project in its specified environment. At this point, we “lock-down” the project in order to finish coding in the most efficient and timely manner. From design, to code, to database development, your project takes shape.

We test it. Then you test it, reviewing each page, each section for any content related errors, reviewing the functions, click through, test the forms work, and see how the technical detials come to life. Satisfied that all the bugs being squashed, we transfer your project into a live environment > where your website is available (or live) for the world to see.


  • 11.22.2006: Hello Paulette and Katie, This is your weekly update to keep you abreast of the status for your project identified in the subject line of this email.  The report will, at times, be simple or contain detailed information depending on the current status of your project at the time of this email.  As always we are continually striving to enhance our communication process and your feedback is important to us, so please do not hesitate to drop us a line. The following information outlines your project (TWB-001) status for the week of 11/27 - 12/01: We have received your photo assets. We are still waiting for your logo in digital format - ACTION ITEM Deadline for SnowDog for the first round of design comps has been set for December 14th


  • 11.29.2006. Site updated. Please Begin QA. LINK: towebsite


  • 11.29.2006. Site updated. Please Begin QA. LINK: towebsite